Why I am running 

walker_about.jpgI remember a time when the entire world could feel the powerful heartbeat of the United States. Today, our pulse is not as strong; the heartbeat of liberty has faded. Our nation seems to have forgotten that our freedoms aren’t derivative of the federal government, but rather from our Creator, God Almighty.

Time is running short.  The world is yearning for America to lead again.  Our people are ready for bold action and tough choices. We must begin. We need individuals in the hallowed halls of Congress who will stand on conviction and principle.
Why not us? Why can’t a group of North Carolinians begin to rebuild the foundation of this once great Republic?

I am proud to be a conservative Republican and I believe that, together, we can make a difference. Will it cost something? Absolutely! It wasn’t just fifty-six men who agreed to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor; it was everyday people like you and me.

An American resurgence will be led by local citizens, towns and churches and not by the long arm of an overregulating government.

If we can rediscover just a small fraction of the indomitable spirit of our Founding Fathers, our great nation can continue to fulfill its promise – as the last great hope of mankind.

The time is now! May God provide the guidance and may we have the courage to follow.



After sixteen years in vocational ministry, Mark Walker followed a new calling and launched an improbable campaign for Congress in 2013.  With no political pedigree or connections, he built a grassroots campaign that centered on one simple idea: PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS.

Through three elections in 2014, Mark Walker was tested, attacked and outspent – but he ran a positive campaign, never returning fire.  Instead, he focused on the issues and gave voice to the frustrations many voters have with Washington’s business as usual.

The voters of the Sixth District responded to Walker’s message.  Since swearing-in January of 2015, Rep. Walker has focused on repealing Obamacare by any means possible, reducing the waste and excess of the federal government, stopping human trafficking and getting Washington out of our classrooms.  He has been a clear and consistent conservative voice, someone that understands that making noise is not the same as making a difference,

walker-bio2.jpgBefore 2014, Walker served in various pastoral roles, most recently at Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro. For six seasons, he wrote and directed the annual Greensboro Christmas Spectacular attended by several thousand people each December. Walker also taught as a college lecturer on mentorship and administration. Each summer, Mark led dozens of volunteers into the heart of the nation’s larger inner cities for mission work and sports camps.

Mark Walker moved to the Triad in 1991, working in finance management for the Flow Automotive organization. He has been actively involved in Greensboro’s community and civic affairs. Mark’s wife, Kelly, is a flight trauma nurse for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s AirCare program. She recently completed her Nurse Practitioner degree at Winston-Salem State University where she also holds her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Mark and Kelly have three children and recently celebrated twenty-two years of marriage.

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