Walker Endorsed by North Carolina Sheriffs

“Congressman Walker cares about the concerns of law enforcement.  I know, because I’ve seen it firsthand.  Eric Holder and the Obama administration harassed us for years, until Mark went to Congress.  Mark gets results.”

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Congress Can Reclaim Legislative Powers Through the Regulatory Budget Act

FREEDOMWORKS, by Jason Pye | May 25, 2016

Congress needs to reclaim its constitutional role as the lawmaking branch of the federal government and take back its powers from progressive regulators who are working around Congress. It can do that by passing the Regulatory Budget Act.

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The Case for a Regulatory Budget

THE DAILY SIGNAL, by Senator Mike Lee | May 23, 2016

This would give regulatory agencies—really for the first time—an incentive to make their regulations cost-effective. They would be made to work for the American people instead of the other way around. 

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73 House Republicans Sign Walker Letter Demanding Answers on Obama’s Bathroom Directive

THE DAILY SIGNAL, by Philip Wegmann | May 18, 2016

...Republican Study Committee members to sign on to [Walker] letter pushing the Departments of Education and Justice to detail how, and on what authority, they plan to enforce the new guidelines 

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Our plan to help manufacturers and revive American prosperity

FOX NEWS, by  Reps. Tom McClintock, Mark Walker, Mick Mulvaney, Jeff Duncan | April 27, 2016

It’s time for leaders to side with American manufacturing and restore a degree of public trust in America’s institutions. Moving forward on an open, independent and transparent MTB process is a good start.

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